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Welcome to the new website of verdiventures, home to geopolitics, startups and digital nomads.

But, how is that? verdiventures got inspired by the Digital Nomad Philosophy, which, got really deep in my way of seeing life, but made me doubt a lot about how to create a sustainable career path.

When I was just about to finish my studies of MSc in Telecom Engineering, I discovered the digital business world, along with its new vision of Business Strategy involved.

I failed then to see that… there was nothing that could join all of these that didn’t imply working for a big corporation, in a fixed space, and with a big boss.

You know… having been for most of my lifetime a proud Spaniard…I realized that the moral that I was defending was not one of Spain, but a European one. Later my worldwide personal expansion began, and I realized that something was happening in it that makes people be so similar over different countries. Some call it the “Millennial generation”, I call it “the global generation, standing global for geographically global, but also, industry global and expertise global. Because what most of us, the “Millenials” want is to keep learning, to keep knowing new cultures while developing their business careers.

Then, what career path is the proper one for us? And, after some better and worst experiences…I finally realized: There is still none…

So, I decided to go against the last generation that was pushing me to get a stable job in my “stable country”: Because stability is created by your network, and not by your location or your financial resources.

(one must try the impossible, in order to achieve the possible)

And, guys, I can tell you that so long…it’s been an amazing journey, in which I’ve lived, so long, in 5 different countries, and now I’m heading to the 6th, and I have no intention of stopping. The road has been tough, I’m not going to lie, but…there are already a lot of energetic, amazing people and ventures on board, and this makes me feel prouder than I ever did.

While spreading the word about verdiventures, and especially at the beginning, i failed to explain the main concept behind it, and limited to say that we were a “venture capital investing with human and intellectual” capital”, which everyone answered to with: ” but, what sector do you specialize in” ending in my “everything digital that we don’t have yet”.

For the moment, we got into several startups: a digital platform for healthcare bookings, an influencer professional network, and a borderless delivery service. One might ask…what do they have in common?

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The answer is actually easy: They keep completing a portfolio enabling the digital nomad companies and individuals.

We want to help organizations with a high mobility added value achieve their goals, with human capital, resources, and connections.  But also, with us as co-founders. One might ask, why?

Well, the simplest way to say it is: At verdiventures we believe in the digital nomad philosophy for this generation’s businesses, enabling people to live life and discover the world while they work. Because the gap betweeen companies and freelancers is smaller than ever before, and because in the future it’s all going to be a collaborative economy.

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Thus, we “invest” in our own way in all those ventures that complete a portfolio enabling that philosophy, and then offer our services to world-based individuals.

And yeah…this also includes corporates, because corporations are the gateway to the current business world, and we, the start-ups are their way to new ideas and business models. Summarizing…opportunities for all!

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Because this generation believes in digital, believes in globalization, and believes in a borderless world!

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Hope some of you share this feeling, and, if you do, you can maybe partner us, or participate, or refer us to others.

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Cheers to everyone, and please, feel free to PM me whenever.

José María (or choose from: Hose, Pepe, Joe, Pep,..) and, even, alphabet…

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