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Telecommuting and remote jobs, the future has caught us.

I remember my first job; it was a straightforward one. I only have to go to a store and give away some pamphlets. I was around 15 years old. Nowadays, I have nephews whose first job was to transcript audios […]

The jobs of tomorrow: how can you adapt to the future

The jobs of tomorrow sounds like something out of a 60’s show. It sounds like something that mentioned in a Jetsons episode, a very nostalgic phrase. The true is that we are facing many changes that we don’t even recognize […]

The 4th Industrial Revolution, how Fintech Solutions have reshaped our world

The 4th Industrial Revolution: I’m sure you have read about Industrial revolution. You probably first heard of it drooped during any conversation and, in school some subjects were about it. The imaginary behind this transition period is full of many […]