Fintech for Digital Nomads

This is another comparative, similar to our previous one on Fintech for Business, but this time on retail (AKA private banking). Heard about Revolut N26 or Monzo? Well, we not only have heard, but we have used them 3, and, although we love them, and the internet is full of reviews about them, there is a need for one more post explaining their key facts.

LicensePayments Manager (ready for becoming a real Bank in the whole EU)Full German Bank (EU Reach)Payments Manager (in the UK, and beware of upcoming Brexit)
-[Incoming in the US]
Top-UpsInstantaneous debit top-up, via SEPA through any supported debit/credit cardFast european transfersUsed to be like Revolut. Now switching to Fast “European” (Brexit) Transfers.
Free PlanFree, paid card except referralFree, paid cardFree, paid card except referral
Premium Plan7.99 EUR/month.
-No fee ATM withdrawals up to €400 per month
-Overseas medical insurance
-Delayed baggage & delayed flight insurance
Global express delivery
-Priority customer support
-Instant access to 5 cryptocurrencies
-Premium card with exclusive designs
-Disposable virtual cards
-LoungeKey Pass access
-Free withdrawals worldwide
-Allianz insurance package
-Exclusive partner offers
-Exclusive Monzo Plus card (BLA-Shiny-BLA)
-Earn interest on your balance (1.5%, credit)
-Discounts and offers
-Custom username (BLABLA)
“Metal” Plan13.99 EUR/month. Can be free from 5 referrals for a year.
No fee ATM withdrawals up to €600 per month
Overseas medical insurance
Delayed baggage & delayed flight insurance
Global express delivery
Priority customer support
Instant access to 5 cryptocurrencies
Exclusive Revolut Metal card
Disposable virtual cards
LoungeKey Pass access
0.1% cashback within Europe and 1% outside Europe on all card payments
Get access to a concierge to help you manage your lifestyle
-Free withdrawals worldwide
-Allianz insurance package
-Dedicated Customer Support
-Exclusive partner offers
—- (non-existent)
“Hidden” Fees0.25% markup on weekend conversions. Daily limits of conversion and markups from there on.Cash can be expensive. Markup + Super expensive fee abroad when more than 4 times)Markup + Super expensive fee abroad when more than 200 GBP)
Credit fees are not clear. Revolving is dangerous
Free cash limits200€/month4 times – withdrawals /month200 GBP/month
“Protection” against fraudTop-up service, charge and spendThe same as a traditional bank, but you can deactivate your card in seconds, and, when in new commerces, you have to confirm the operation on your mobile phone 
Exchange rateInterbank fee. 0.25% markup on weekends0.25% markup alwaysXX% Markup always
Extra FeaturesFree investing on NASDAQWith premium plansWith Premium Plan

Heard about Revolut N26 or Monzo? Now you know them.

My personal choice?

SInce I’m not British, Monzo is kind of out the way. ANd, thanks god, if you’ll allow me…

N26 is, at least for the moment, the best full bank, no doubt about that.

However, in App functionality, new features incoming, and cheapest and fastest, there is no doubt the clear winner is still Revolut.

Moreover, it’s free, and with this link below you can order a free card home, for when you go around the third world countries (in “Westeros” you shouldn’t even need it, as there are wireless card terminals everywhere)

Will keep updating, like always…

And, FYI, it is an unbiased opinion based on EMpirical Experience on them three, though there is affiliate Marketing present to support the site’s cost.

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