On tech to be Digital Nomad

Today there is much talk about how to be Digital Nomad, and more and more people are pointing to the fashion of which so many, we are part. However, few people ask before the trip, which will need the call: Office to be Digital Nomad

Let’s say that, at this point, you’ve already decided to be digital nomad. Here, everyone believes that he will be a free spirit without limit, that he will not need any luggage or facilities. I am sorry to say it, but it is not so, although, however, if you continue reading, we clarify a couple of things that will make your trip endless, at the same time, something feasible and a pleasure.


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First, you will definitely need a mobile phone with dual SIM. OnePlus really manufactures the best in its class for this. Check out their latest models: EL One Plus 7 and, for the most demanding, the One Plus 7 Pro .


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Second, you will need a high-performance and better built laptop. I would like to propose two options for this: Xiaomi Mi Notebook 13/15 2019 and the Macbook Pro 2019 . As for deciding between the options of 13 or 15 inches, it really depends on you, since in these two cases, both are very light.

* Oh, and I wouldn’t forget the part of the body that suffers most with the long hours in front of the laptop, the back. To do this, I recommend this add-on for the laptop , that will keep you firm in such long hours of creativity and concentration.

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How to prevent your back from suffering without having to mount and disassemble a chringuito every morning


Once with the laptop, it will become your office and, therefore, you will have to protect it.



We highly recommend this one-of-a-kind solution for this works as insurance, but for your cybernetic assets, providing superior online protection for few money.

Anything else…

Again, these are some gadgets and tools for an Office to be digital nomad, but, in case you have any other recommendations, please leave us a comment!