Build your own website in 2h, 2020 version

When it comes to creating your personal or professional brand online, clearly, the first step to take is to build your own website. But, isn’t it to difficult to build? Deffinitely not, so build your own website in 2h now!

If you know a couple hints, building a website is not difficult at all

At verdiventures, we did precisely that at the beginning, and we would like to share it with you, after a few years our recommended approach to do so

First, imagine a website as something similar to making a puzzle: Everything matches together if you put it the right way.

A simple scheme of what a website is built of

Also, notice that throughout this post we only encourage you to purchase the hosting, as the rest of the tools are free to use, premium to scale, as your business does. Again, build your own website in 2h!

Hosting & Domain

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When it comes to hosting, there are clearly a lot of things to consider:

  • Technical knowledge you have
  • Audience you want to reach
  • Security you want your website to have natively. The more, you need

The easy solution? Bluehost

They are, by far, the best service for beginners, in the best price/quality ratio.

It lets you build your website in a .com domain, all in a single, super easy process. It is a complete way to build your website online.


  • Registration: 2 min
  • Creating your domain: 2 more min
  • Installing WordPress: 1 min

Total: 5 min


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There are several platform options on which to build your own website. For beginners up to advanced but not technical users, the best one is clearly to build your website with wordpress: yes, it is what it is. Plus, you get to install it in a couple click on the main hosting providers.

On Bluehost:


  • Installing WordPress: 1 min

Total: 5 min


Extra Cost: 0$

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Necessary free accounts


  • Create standard Bio and link to your website on heading to input in all social networks: 5 min.
  • Create Twitter Account: 3 min
  • Create Facebook Account: 3 min
  • Create Instagram Account: 3 min

Total: 14 min


Extra Cost: 0$

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Look&Feel (Theme)

When it comes to deciding how our page will look like and, taking into account that we chose wordpress as a platform, the only real decision you have to make is the Theme you will want it to have.

Let us give you some options:


Twenty seventeen



Avada is a responsive multi-purpose theme


Foton is the perfect wordpress theme for a tech/Saas website. If you’re looking forward to creating the most amazing page, with ecommerce and recurring revenue capabilities, this is your perfect theme



  • Installing WordPress: 1 min

Total: 5 min


Extra Cost: 0$

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The least perceived one, though the most important one in the long term.

If you set up a successful website, everyone wil try to compete against you, and not only that, they will try to steal your magic sauce.

As we begin, thus, a plugin like Jetpack (property of wordpress) on its free version will be enough.It will avoid us problems such as

However, once your website is a grown-up one, you will need something more complete. For us, Astra is the way to go.

Think in Astra as an alarm for peace of mind in your home, although this time it’s your website, where you drive your revenue from.

Image result for office alarm infographic
The website security is like a home alarm that protects your revenue
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Access analytics with your Google Account and link your website.

For that you will need to follow a short tutorial and, right afterwards, set up your website.

The easiest way to do this last step is installing a Google analytics plugin on wordpress

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You can build your own website in 2h, but if you don-t monitor it, you won-t be able to make it profitable.

Search Engine Optimization

When coming to SEO, there are a lot of tools out there, however, most of them difficult to learn/master, and/or expensive. Our chosen one is clearly Jaaxy:

You start free, if you plan on expanding, of course you pay. Basically, for the first keyword analysis, you get it for free.

Keyword analysis performed to create this post

Social Networks Management

The first step here would clearly be to create your social accounts. We assume you know how to do that already.

However, Social Networks Management takes a lot of time, and, believe us when we say it’s nothing you will want to do by yourself in the long term.

The solution? Blog2Social is a fantastic plugin that, again, starts for free and lets you auto-share the published content and schedule when you want to publish the rest. It is a wordpress plugin.

Scheduling view of Blog2Social

Again, Blog2Social is free with limited functionality, but we strongly recommend you to try it, use it, and when and if your business is growing, purchase it.


Monetization Options

Well, all this about building your own website is great, but, if I currently have no business running, why would i build it?

The answer is easy: because you can monetize it in many, many ways:

When building your own website, the most important think to keep into your mind is how you wanna monetize it.

If it’s gonna be an ecommerce portal, you may want to go with WooCommerce, with two particularities on payment methods:

  • If you sell SaaS type products (Digital recurring services), you couald choose from or as payment providers, both with a wordpress plugin available
  • If you sell physical goods, the easiest, fastest and safest payment mean available is PayPal, with an automated plugin for wordpress


Growth Tools

Again, we could argue about what to use, but, if we want a compromise between results and technical knowledge, we strongly recommend using phantombuster.

Image result for phantom buster

It starts for free, so you try it, use it for the first time, and decide if you want to pay because you need some more capacity. To test it for a month is free, and it stays free if you only use it for 10 min per day and with one active funtionality (phantom)

There are phantoms (bots) for everything: Social Netowrks, Email, website scraping, lead discovery, auto follow,..

Phantombuster Pricing Plans


One of the best assets in this Digital World we live in is a website where you centralize all your activity. Also, this website itself can provide you with Passive Revenues via Affiliate Marketing, Ads or eCommerce sections.

Thus, we covered, on a high level, the process and tools you need to follow to build your own.

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Also, if you need any more info or want to ask a doubt, please leave a comment below!