N26 is for you and, here are all the reasons why.

N26 is a platform that allows you to have a virtual account with all the benefits of managing your money with fewer fees than a traditional bank. But let’s not limit this Fintech solution’s reach; you can have many benefits that are best suited for digital nomads.  Besides giving you a virtual account you will also receive a card that is perfect for purchases, traveling and withdrawal. You will always have to keep in mind that all you will need internet connection and preferably your smartphone (to open your account will take you up to 8 minutes and you wouldn’t need to send any documents!)

Fintech solutions are here and have changed the way we behave; this applies to our personal finances and budgetary decisions. When it comes to weather or nor choose a new system to do any of our day to day activities, new generations choose to research how this new feature has been received by others. So, in order to know more about N26 don’t forget to follow others and read testimonies from different types of users, remembering that it will be important to have different views of the same product.

N26 is a mobile bank (digital) that used to goes by the name Number26, is different than traditional banks because all operations are online from your phone or computer. Up to this day, the digital banking with its main offices at Berlin, by the name brandN26 bank GmbH, has presence over 17 European countries with view of expanding to larger markets (US and UK) with over 300 employees and a million of customers worldwide.

What can I get by opening an N26 account?

No commissions to open or account maintenance.

Master debit card free of charge

5 free withdraw at Europeans ATMs.

You can do any transaction online

You have access to budget, statistics and analysis of expenses and incomes

Organizational features

International free transfer with over 19 currencies.

Synchronization with both apple pay and Google pay

An instinctive and up to date application for your smartphone

Easy way to transfer money between N26 accounts

Digital ID

What card types are available?

If you decide to improve your debit card features, you have to option to request for two additional types of MasterCard debit card.

*N26 Black: 9, 90 monthly payment (with travel insurance, theft insurance, purchase protection and MasterCard World)

This card is perfect if you are an avid traveler or a digital nomad, when you are to use different types of currencies or if you are going to take traveling services such as air planes, boats and trains is best to be covered and, overall, with an active insurance instead of taking one for each trip.

*N26 Metal 16,90 monthly payment (A full coverage of insurance and MasterCard World )

  Of all available options it is designed as premium users that will need and use all of its amazing features.

Both of these cards are perfect for travelers and digital nomads, if you are hoping to hit the road, you should pick one of this.

Does N26 have an option for business?

For regular N26 users there is the option to also have a second account focused only in their business, keeping both and controlling them within the same platform. Depending of your needs you could decide on N26 Business or N26 Business Black. Both options give rewards to purchases up to 0,10% of the purchase.

Will I have to pay fees? How much?

There can be transactions that could have a small cost; here is a summary of those:

  • 5 monthly withdrawals in Europe, afterwards 2€ per transaction (No money limit)
  • When withdrawing a different currency than Euro, you will be charge of 1,7% of the transaction total.
  • If you try to pay more of what is available in your account it will have fee of 3 per transaction.
  • Reminder of payments 3€
  • Any banking information costs: 25 €
  • Replacement of debit card: 6 €

Am I attached to different laws throughout Europe?

This is a digital bank but it is located in Germany, hence all users of the platform will receive an IBAN number it is possible that depending on your residency you could experience some restrictions for billing and payments. Overall it depends more on your country of residence than the bank.

You can click here to open your N26 account and here to read more about it.