Why e-commerce should seek out third-party solutions for security

In utopia, you would have a cream-of-the-crop in-house data security team. For a modest salary, they’d have your back when it comes to data security. However, ours is the real world. Can you afford the luxury of top-notch in-house data security personnel? If you are a small or medium e-commerce company, the answer is a resounding NO. However, you don’t need to worry. You can access these services regardless of your business size. Top-notch e-commerce security tools and services are available to take care of e-commerce store security. You don’t need to be the next victim on the ever-growing list of hacking.

The importance of outsourcing your security needs to a third party service cannot be stressed enough:

The Importance of third-party e-commerce security tools and services

It saves you money

It costs an arm and a leg to hire the best in-house IT people, training them on the latest technology, and purchasing security software and hardware. Even when everything is working fine, you will still need to cut those hefty IT paychecks.

When you engage a data security third party, you only pay for the services. Therefore, you will seamlessly reallocate your budget to other areas of your e-commerce business. Who doesn’t need that win-win situation?

Certified and diversified experience

Yours may be the best in-house IT staff in your industry. However, they may end up being too familiar with the organization’s internal operations. New challenges rarely cross their way. They observe and analyze the same general trend, identify and deal with the same issue. Eventually, they get caught up in a bit of a rut.

Enters the third party e-commerce security tools and services provider. A professional and experienced outsourced team comes with sterling certifications and has seen it all. They can help you plan out the best way forward in the wild and wide e-commerce security arena. Therefore, when your e-commerce gets a hit from new challenges, the provider’s pre-loaded experience comes in handy.

It levels the playing ground

As a small e-commerce owner, you don’t have that financial muscles needed to hire the best in-house security solutions in the industry. Meanwhile, the big shots with massive budgets can enjoy large-scale advantages. They can easily dwarf and outcompete you as they can hire and poach the best talents at will.

The good news is that you can outsource your data security needs to a third party to level the playing ground effectively. At that point, you can now access the same expertise and technology as the big e-commerce stores at lower costs.

Instant upgrades

Outdated and vulnerable systems top the list of reasons e-commerce stores get hacked. Such systems have many open doors that can allow hackers to walk in with their malicious intentions. You need to monitor the system on a 24/7 basis to identify and keep those doors closed.

That’s why you need a professional IT team specialized in data security. They always have the latest e-commerce security tools that can identify issues in your system and suggest instant upgrades before your business suffers losses.

Security layers

Hackers are getting wiser each day. Seasoned fraudsters can crack your passwords and do everything they wish with your systems. Therefore, when doing business in the e-commerce space, it is crucial for store owners to follow the best security practices preventing e-commerce frauds.

Ask yourself: have you audited your servers and workstations? Does your store have water-tight PCI security standards in place? Have you implemented a firewall that is up-to-snuff? Answering all these questions needs an expert in the field.

Fortunately, a third-party service like Astra will help you answer them all. Furthermore, they will advise you on the best e-commerce security tools that will form a water-tight multi-layer security. They will implement a solid-rock firewall, password managers, anti-malware, anti-virus, DNS security, automated software patching


Remain focused

Folks, this reason is the biggest one. You can comfortably have a breathing space after engaging the services of the best cybersecurity company. Every hardworking e-commerce owner deserves a total peace of mind.

The third-party company will handle all security data needs of your business. The arrangement will allow you to focus all your talent, energy, and creativity towards achieving the goals of your core business.


Data security breaches can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it can lead to the closing of your business. Robust e-commerce security tools and services are a must-have for a successful business. However, your budget may not afford you the luxury of hiring an in-house team of security personnel and resources. That is why you need a third-party solution for security.

Astra helps you with robust e-commerce security services and tools that will keep you secure throughout. Their team consists of certified and experienced gurus. They  implement a top-notch multi-layer security protection depending on your needs.

Their experience in carrying out security audits in many systems is unmatched with rock-solid firewall, password managers, anti-malware, anti-virus, DNS security, and automated software patching.