The jobs of tomorrow

The jobs of tomorrow: how can you adapt to the future

The jobs of tomorrow sounds like something out of a 60’s show. It sounds like something that mentioned in a Jetsons episode, a very nostalgic phrase. The true is that we are facing many changes that we don’t even recognize as such.  15 years ago, we wouldn’t be connected with each other the way we do today. Jobs like social media would have been not considered and, something like bitcoins wouldn’t even be a conversational subject.

2000’s decade had an abrupt change in 2006, when YouTube became a thing and bitcoin appear in the market. After 2009, just barely a few moments to start 2010 a new position became important in advertising agencies: community manager. All business needed to be online and, probably, to have a customize app. As a result, a bunch of soft skills are now completely necessary; web design, web development, social media manager, digital traders, and, many others.

The social stagnation that established just after the giant 60’s boom (That has determined our current economy and system) finally challenged. Subsequently, the period when baby boomers were blooming was one completely of economical waste. If you had lived during that time something like drinking, and not wearing a seat belt will be perfectly normal. Nowadays, such thing will be unthinkable just like woman discrimination, it would be impossible!

What are the jobs of tomorrow?

When you visit and revise new data sources, the tendencies are quite different than other decades. You will have unprecedented insights into new job opportunities. Global economy is a subject of great importance, since the world have changed to a global approach. Is not only that you can easily travel or even change residencies. You can become a Digital nomad and be part of the giant motor that drives economy.

To understand the skill sets needed by professionals is a key subject that is in top discussion. New data, collected by the World Economic Forum reveals that professional clusters are reshaping to introduce emerging professions. More than 96 jobs have in common subjects like “digital” and “human”, changing those themes from their supportive characters into a more active and leading role: the professions of tomorrow.

How can I prepare myself for the jobs of tomorrow?

There are two types of approach: as an individual or as a company. If you are the first, many things are of importance. All collected data coincides that more that 51% of the jobs for the future days will be focused on a cloud of subjects:

If we decide to make a quick analysis of the main themes, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that artificial intelligence and people skills will be mandatory. Many current positions are going to be quickly replaced, for instance as Amazon has made the online shopping a must and many stores have been forced into bankruptcy. Time for innovation have come and some business are adapting as fast as possible, like your normal supermarket using self-checkout cashiers.

If I run a business, what should I do?

This situation has made it very clear: innovation will be your salvation. Due to the project horizon, an economic grow of 51% will become of more than 6.1 million job opportunities globally. Where will those positions be? In the above-mentioned fields, which are shaped by technology and all of those things that you can’t automatize. Here a list of the things positions that artificial intelligence won’t replace:

  • Roles in Marketing
  • Sales and Content production
  • Roles at the forefront of People and Culture.
  • Human sensibility and skills

If you are a company, you need to fully understand this and began to take action before it is too late. As many situations, you are basically running a race against your competitors. Innovation to all production lines, is of great importance and, in order to survive new positions should be created as others will die out.

All business should be at the hunt for new and unique opportunities, the growth and the real scale of these opportunities will be distinctively determined by two critical parts: the choices and investments made by governments today. We live in a globalized world that requires that markets to open and expand, and it will all depend on each government.

You should also take into consideration that since we are living in a globalized world, your company should be global too. To open a company in Estonia is a perfect option to enter the European market and to highlight all of your global actions. There are many options to start your business there such as xolo, which can be the first step necessary to start innovation.

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Digital nomads

Where does this left me? Society has changed and finally that change is present in the economic scheme. Things like web and digital are of huge importance, making an important highlight in the virtual aspect of life. This is the time for digital nomads to assume the leading role like, cryptocurrencies, freelancing, telecommuting, remote and virtual work.

One important direction that the world is taking is to be digital nomad. To sum up, in order to become one of those, you will only need digital nomad equipment-which consists in your laptop and internet connection-and, to re arrange your life. How can you re arrange things? First of all, you will need to:

  • Develop soft skills
  • Choose the best bank for digital nomads
  • Constant learning on all themes mentioned above.

Fintech Solutions

Let’s imagine that you do not want to be independent, that you preferred to be employed. The Companies are thinking more on the experience and soft skills of a candidate before their college degree. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want a schooled person, it just means that candidates are required to have a more complex background and, to include experience in a more direct way.

Fintech Solutions are necessary for any path you choose. Weather or not you have a company or you decided to be a digital nomad, it is important to open an account in any of the fintech solutions. Like n26 and revolut. Both options are perfect for anyone that travels and prefers to protect their finances. The same thing goes for cryptocurrency and their use, to live in a global world means to be open to a new economic scheme and to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

If you still feel like you need to master a bit more on this subject, choose to learn more with the following online course.