Telecommuting and remote jobs, the future has caught us.

I remember my first job; it was a straightforward one. I only have to go to a store and give away some pamphlets. I was around 15 years old. Nowadays, I have nephews whose first job was to transcript audios from their house comfort. I guess things are changing. As technology rises and globalization sets a new type of order, we are learning that telecommuting and remote jobs are the future.

What is telecommuting?

A term that has turned out to be quite useful during the 2020 Pandemic, it defines a type of work that you can do remotely, from home, for example. It began to be used in the UK around the 1970s, and it indeed refers to works that could avoid commuting and travel and still be able to do their jobs. The first branch that was benefited by this was communications and telecommunications. We have continued improving, and now others can use this format.

Around the year 2000, when the internet became a reality throughout the world, many companies realized that some of their positions could be changed to telecommuting. This change of mindset was possible because of the different facts during the ’90s. Using technology as a plus and the realization of environmental print makes that people tried to avoid going to the office. It his the perfect time to start learning about telecommuting and remote jobs, so whats the difference between them?

How can I get to do telecommuting? Well, it depends on your profession and how you were hired by your company. If there is not a clause in your contract, you can gently try to make a negotiation or start searching for new opportunities. But keep in mind that to be able to perform as a telecommuter, you need to work using digital and virtual tools.

Even it does sounds so cool, is it that telecommuting is the same as remote jobs? It is perfectly understandable that people can confuse both terms. It seems they are closely related, but they are not the same. When a person is hired by a company and signs a contract with them, it could contain a clause that will allow them to later continue work from home. Some employees decide when to go to the office, and probably will host and participate in meetings with other colleagues. Their work routine maintains disregarding of their working location.

What is a remote job?

But it is not the same for remote working. This is the modality usually choose by freelancers, digital nomads, and independent professionals. There are many ways to get a remote job; sometimes, business open vacancies, even if they have regular positions available, and some others you are hired directly by a person. If this happens, you are not under a business contract but contracted by an individual; for many reasons, this is a very complicated situation.

Let’s imagine that you are hired by an individual, disregarding if your job is for a company or this person, you may feel vulnerable. Nobody should take for granted all the benefits that were fought by generations to obtain labor rights and to gain benefits such as insurance, paid vacations, and some more. One excellent option is to winged yourself under the protection of websites and more prominent companies that can have contracts between the parties and protect both rights.

If you are trying to start on remote jobs or telecommuting, you should also get some training on project management:

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Professions best suited for remote job:

  • Accountant, bookkeeper
  • Administrative assistant
  • Auditor, financial analyst
  • Book editor
  • Computer programmer
  • Content Writer
  • Data entry clerk
  • Database administrator
  • Engineer
  • Fact-Checker
  • Graphic designer, illustrator, desktop publisher
  • Insurance agent
  • Marketing planner, media buyer
  • Medical transcriptionist, medical reviewer
  • Paralegal
  • Public relations professional, speechwriter
  • Researcher, market research analyst
  • Sales rep, customer service rep, travel agent
  • Stockbroker
  • Telemarketer, telephone order taker
  • Translator
  • Webmaster, website designer
  • Writer, ghostwriter, reporter, editor

You can start to learn new things and complete your capacities. For instance, start with digital Marketing.

Remote jobs, where to find them

When you are on the hunt for a remote job, remember that you are the one hunting, not the other way around. This is a very active situation in contrast to regular job interviews and applications. Hence, you will need to get your public social media up to date, business-like profiles, not just dogs and food pictures, to be always prepared. Create a portfolio or list of customers on a website. Start building your reputation. Keep in mind that this is a true for telecommuting and remote jobs.

Whenever you go online to find jobs, you will need your resume, proof of experience, cover letters, and depending on your professionalization other

Remote OK

Remote OK is a site that started in 2015, designed for digital nomads, their primary audience are professionals who live in different postal codes each month. Many companies now advertise their positions there, knowing that their new employees could be anywhere. You can apply for jobs there for developers, marking specialists, customer service, and others from this type.


Upwork is currently is the combination of two previous websites for remote work: Elance and oDesk. It is one of the more renowned sites for those who are interested in holding a remote position. This platform allows clients to interview their candidates personally (online) and, later on, to keep personal communications using their available chat and videoconferencing apps. It is the perfect way to protect your contracts and salary, but Upwork will charge you a fee.


Workana is l ike almost all of these sites, it provides you with a window to advertise and apply to positions. You can go online as a business and hire professionals, or you can promote your capacities and obtain personal contracts. Everything is handled through the website. Your money will be protected, and they will share you with special fees. It Is a Latin American business that started in 2012, in Argentina. Hence, the majority of offers and professionals are from the region.


Fiverr is the website for anything, at least that’s how people know it. After you create your profile, you can offer your services to almost any possible remote job available. The competition is hard and quite savage since it is a popular website. Offers can vary from throughout the world, and payments are typically handled via PayPal.


Toptal is like other websites for freelancers is designed to offer the best of their professions. It is now focused on designers, web developers, and financial experts. Among this platform clients, you will find: JPMorgan Chase, Airbnb, Rand McNally, IDEO, HP, Thumbtack, Bridgestone, Pfizer, and even a sports team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. To be part of the best-hired freelancers on Toptal you will need to endure an interview process. Their main slogan is that they select the top 3% of talent, which lives out 97% of their applicants. is a website for developers and for those who need them. Let’s imagine that you have a small startup, but you are not a coder, this platform will partner you with your best suit. By answering some things related to the project and budget, you will soon start working on your WordPress site. It is not for projects from scratch only. You can search or work with small tasks and fixes (404 errors, plugin not working as expected, slow database optimizations, white screen of death fixes).

After you finally are set to do what ever work modality: telecommuting and remote jobs, choose a nice platform to communicate and host meetings.