digital nomad 101

Digital Nomad 101: how to start your new life

Digital Nomad 101 is just a phrase that introduces you to the world of tomorrow. New jobs, new ways, modern formats. It all started with the internet, and once someone notices that remotely was an excellent fit for work. Nowadays, remote jobs have become a new must for companies, professionals, and a goal for some who wishes to be known as digital nomads.

But what makes a remote worker, or a freelancer a digital nomad? Because as it is known, apparently the terms are very closed alike and for some reason, the border between their meanings is minimal. I guess the keyword between anything and digital nomad resides in the world: nomad. You can do remote work from home, but you still will have a home. You can be a freelancer but if you are still a resident from a country and pay taxes there, well you are not a digital nomad.

Digital nomad 101: Let’s start!

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that to be a digital nomad; you have to embrace a different lifestyle. Is not about just having a remote job or a good client. Is about doing everything online and only rely on your laptop, cellphone, and WIFI connection. There are some key things to keep in mind, so let’s start with them:

No fear

You are less than ten years old, and the life format you keep learning is the same: you go find a steady job, you buy a house and then, you become successful. Of course, it won’t be easy to change that mindset, but It isn’t impossible. To stop residing in a particular place, to prevent having five days a week job, even to explain this type of life to others won’t be easy. You will have to explain and justify your current choices and fear will raise. The key and most important thing are to never fall pray from it.

To become the best of your field.

When you work as a digital nomad, you have many advantages and also a few cons. If you are going to work by the beach in Bali, you will need to be extra concentrated and fully aware of what you are doing. It is essential not to be distracted and that you can be confident about your work’s quality. When you are a nomad, in another country, you have more to lose if your work doesn’t reach the goal. Hence, the only thing that can safeguard you is to be the best in your field.          

In order to be the best, it is essential to continue learning. As a digital nomad, it is more than natural that you take digital learning into your day to day activities.

Learn about cryptocurrencies

Once you start your nomadic experience, understandably, you will need to manage different currencies and to move through different countries. Digital nomad 101: learn to manage your money. It is easier to receive some payments in cryptocurrencies and also to proceed with pay some invoices. If you manage a digital wallet, you can save money and exchange fees. Also, it won’t hurt to make wise investments.

A smart fintech solution

When you change address regularly, you mustn’t rely on a physical office for your finances. Your bank services should be available anywhere and should provide you with features suited for your lifestyle. To acquire a fintech solution like Revolut and N26 card and account is a perfect option; they can provide you with anything you need, including travel insurance. The best part of all of this is that you can save money with exchange fees and adapt your itinerary to take the most advantage of your card features.


All digital nomads have comprehended something of great importance: stay connected, create networks. Important lesson digital nomad 101. You need to have a strong social media presence; it will be your way to get clients, to advertise your services and to build a strong reputation. Also, you need to build strong relationships with startups, partners, colleagues: you shouldn’t ever be alone. One good way to make this possible is to acquire a membership for a coworking. Some franchises have a presence throughout the world that could enable you always to be part of that network and visit as many hubs as possible.

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Register a remote company

Imagine that you have landed a good contract with a new company in a city like Berlin, but the company requires that you can charge your services each month with invoices, what can you do? You can register a remote company in different countries and due to your nomadic life be free of taxes. Between the best options are: register a company in Estonia, EEUU, Philippines, Hong Kong and, Georgia are the favourites. Of course, they are plenty of options, so do search a bit more and consider all your necessities before choosing one or the other.


To start your guide to be a digital nomad 101, keep in mind that this is something that you can do for a long time, but you shouldn’t do it forever. Of course, that living travelling is fun, and to be without a residence can be something to related for good. But, what if you want to have a regular life, how could you adapt after so many years? One way to be prepared is to invest. Investing in a future that can allow you to continue being nomad but with some safety nets. For example, invest in cryptocurrencies, startups even create your startups. The critical action is to keep with both subjets: digital and nomad.

Let’s summarize

There is not a real estimated of how many digital nomads exits at the moment. Still, some research has placed an approximation of a billion of digital nomads for the year 2035. Now is an excellent time to start. Educate yourself, be self-discipline, build your reputation, start your digital wallet, and when possible, open your remote business. Be always honest about your time and expertise; accept only those jobs that are withing your capacities.  

And of course, do not be afraid. Only 20% of those who start as digital nomads are successful. There is no formula, but only to remember what a digital nomad is, and to go back to it as many times as necessary.