Xolo is now an option for spanish freelancers

Xolo is already quite well known in our community for its feature of creating a company in Estonia, 100% remotely.

However, they now launched an exciting new feature for spanish-based contractors. As part of our team is based in Spain, we could not shut up about it.

Xolo just launched their complete service for spanish “autónomos”

No start-up costs. No monthly fees. 100% online. Finally, a streamlined solution to launch your freelance business — customised to the unique needs of Spanish-based independent contractors.

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How does it work?

1Register Professional or Autónomo for free

We’ve worked with a team of Spanish tax and legal experts to create a framework which automates all your accounting and tax reporting.2Set reporting on autopilot

Hemos trabajado con un equipo español de expertos legales y fiscales para crear una plataforma que te lleve automáticamente la contabilidad y los impuestos.3Truly pay-as-you-go pricing

Many freelancers are reluctant to register as an autónomo because of costly, complex and antiquated services. With Xolo, you only pay us a flat 5% fee every time you pay yourself.

Customised for the unique needs of Spanish freelancers

You may be wondering if this is all too good to be true. We promise it’s not! Xolo has developed a modern concept together with Spanish legal advisers and introduced a new, digital way of running your autónomo business in Spain. We’ve taken our revolutionary Xolo Go concept of renting a slice of a company, and customised this same model specifically to the needs of Spanish freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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Go autónomo 100% online

You heard us correctly — Xolo will register you as an autónomo in a way that’s fast, fee-free and 100% online. While you’re still responsible for the mandated Spanish social security fees, there’s no running back and forth between your Gestoria and the Hacienda. Our onboarding platform will guide you through the process step by step and so you’ll be operating as a full autónomo in no time! And should you have questions, our Spanish-speaking support team will be happy to find you some answers.

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Bureaucracy-proof your business

Xolo has removed the headache of paper administrative tasks and developed a fully digital service: we’ll register you as an autónomo automatically in the background once you’ve completed the work and invoiced your customer. That way, none of your valuable resources go to waste. We handle the administrative tasks so you can concentrate on keeping your clients happy!

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Your one-stop shop for compliant invoicing and reporting

No more nightmares about the Spanish tax authorities showing up on your doorstep unannounced. Sleep soundly knowing that your business is fully compliant. Xolo automatically calculates VAT and adds it to all your invoices while also handling all your accounting and filing your quarterly taxes with the appropriate authorities.

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Invoice across borders

Once you’re registered as an official autónomo, you’ll be able to compliantly invoice customers throughout Spain, without having to jump through all the traditional hoops. But don’t worry, you’re not limited to invoicing solely within Spanish borders. With Xolo, you’ll be able to compliantly invoice clients not just in Spain, but throughout the EU, US and Canada, too!

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