On the Philippines Growth Potential and Digital Capabilities

As a Telecom Engineer, I had the chance to participate in a strategic project for the Philippines during this last year, involving clients from Banks, Telcos and retail Companies.

The Philippines is a truly International Country, apart from a vacation one.

Being “discovered” by the Spaniards in the 16th Century, the Philippines began as a colony for the Spanish Empire, what lasted until the end of the 19th Century, with the American-Spanish war, and its sale from Spain to the United States.

After some decades of unparalleled growth with the Americans, the Philippines was heavily bombed during WW2 in an effort to make the Japanese out, but from allied fire. In a Filipino friend´s words “They built us, and then they destroyed us”

Philippines’ Provinces Map

Following this, the Philippines became once and for all an independent country, with a mixed identity, and in the heart of South East Asia, just a few miles away from Bporneo, and around a couple hundred from Hong Kong.

Geopoliticaly, it´s been since then attached to the USA, and, however, this last decade is bending towards China, changing sides absolutely in a completely biased Asian edge.

But, one must ask “Why this importance is given to a country with such a weak economy?”. Well, that used to be true, but…if we read HSBC´s projections for 2050…

Extract from the Briefing “The World in 2050”, HSBC Global Reasearch

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