This is the first mobile application in Germany for commissionless stock brokers. In its platforms, current investment indices and derivatives can make trade without commission. They will only receive a lump sum for external costs of 1 euro for processing. Their unique trade is the first German broker to offer its clients the opportunity to trade more than 6,500 German and international shares. We also offer more than 500 mobile-based investment indicators without commission. By the end of the transaction you will charge only a lump sum of the third part of each transaction, for processing, regardless of the size of the system.

The intuitive BerlinTech app provides mobile warehouse opening and simple search and filtering functions. As a personal schedule and long trading hours from 7:30 a.m. Until 11 pm, The Commercial Republic Bank is a licensed commercial security bank in Germany, supervised by the German Central Bank and Pavin, which collaborates with renowned partners such as HSBC and SolarisBank.

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