Cashperplus is an upgraded version of Cashper, providing loans of up to EUR 2,000.00 which you can return within a maximum of 6 months. It allows you to obtain a bigger loan but the return has to be faster. The best option is that it is 100% online and, which makes it completely transparent. Besides with their online tool you can calculate your rates and fees. To do that, you just need to provide the desired amount and so, at the moment, it will be possible to know when and how much you have to pay.

Furdermore, the identity validation by Instator, allows the customer to validate their identity without the need for sending documentation, which provide real financial analysis and therefore expediting procedures when applying for credit. As we mensioned to you, it is completely online!


  • 100% online application
  • The position of the return of the loan will be generated directly on the credit card or debit card you have provided
  • The process is 100% transparent
  • No need for shipping documentation.



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