With Fintonic you can get a loan easily and effectively. The process is online, without fees and paperwork it is very attractive. Fintonic calculates your financial capacity and offers you the loan that best suits your score in a responsible and reliable way.

You can request from 750 to 50,000 EUR, with a variable nominal interest rate from 4.75% APR up to 39.97% APR. It should be to returned within between 3-96 months. These financing conditions depend on the assessment of your financial or FinScore capacity.


  • The process only lasts 5 minutes
  • We calculate de financial capacity using the information in your main bank account. So you need to add it to Fintonic after registration
  • We offer a financing that is just indicative, so it is non-binding. The financing must be approved by the financial institution offering the loan after making the necessary checks.
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