Simple, clean, and friendly analytics for businesses, marketeers, analysts, makers…

Simple Analytics gives you the analytics you need without invading the privacy of your users, with a clean interface, and simple integration.



As developers, at simple analytics, they are very aware of companies that track our internet behaviour. So for their own websites they were looking for a tool that would provide me the analytics I needed, but without giving all my visitors data to a big corporate. That’s how Simple Analytics was born and it shows you 📈Pageviews by your visitors 📥A list of where people are coming from 🔝A list of the most popular pages 📱Device dimensions All this, without compromising the privacy of your user.





One of the most exclusive (and useful) features of is the ability to see the twitter mentions that engaged your users.

Nobody else in the analytics world is able to show this to you to the tweet level, and it’s become a must for us.

Public Show (-off)


Simple Analytics keeps, by default, the views to yourself.

However, when you are on the advertising businesses, you need to be able to show these metrics in order for advertisers to trust your collaborations.

There is no better way to do that than with simple analytics!

Examples of Publicly shown websites are:



They recently improved their weekly email reports!

– You can now select weekly or monthly

– They include a nice graph

– And the changes in referrers There are no trackers in their emails. All images are send within the email (even our logo). No requests to our servers.


SPAM Filters


Some Simple Analytics Users were experiencing referral SPAM. Basically people who wanted to get their business or website know by adding fake visits to websites. We created a feature where you can remove this spam. Without difficult filters, just a few clicks.


Free Trial

Developer Tools

They recently published a big update to our public scripts soon. It includes these features:

– Time on page

– Scrolled percentage

– More accurate referrals

– Using pixels to send data

– Events tracking Heavily tested with real browsers & supported from IE9

Simple Analytics Scripts

Simple Analytics is a privacy friendly analytics tool with a strong mission: never invade the privacy of your visitors. They just show you the essentials: page views, referrers, top pages, and devices. We don’t use cookies. We don’t collect any personal data. So no cookie banners or GDPR to worry about. When a service is free you are the product. We won’t ever sell your data. As a result, They require a subscription.

Open Source

As their public scripts are very important in their mission to privacy we decided to make the source code available. We use the MIT license which is short and to the point. It lets you do almost anything you want with this project, like making and distributing closed source versions. See LICENSE for more info.

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